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The R.O.M. Church is a place to serve and be served. God has a place and a purpose for every believer. At R.O.M. there are several places in which a person can serve using their God-given gifts, talents, and abilities. The purpose of the Helps Ministries is to serve and enhance the Christian experience of everyone who attends, whether they are a member or visitor. Many believers, in a coordinated effort, come together to provide a multitude of services to the Body of Christ. These services are a vital part of any ministry, as the ministry experience goes far beyond Sunday service.

Keep watching the Austin County News Online platform as well as the Sealy news paper for our grand opening and ribbon cutting celebration comming very soon. More information will be made available here on our site as we get closer to this History making event! You don't want to just hear about this, but be a part of the history!
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