R.O.M History

In the fall of 2007, while serving in a local church in Fort Bend County, Texas, Pastor D. D. Jackson was given specific instructions by God to begin a church in Alief Texas, with a clear vision to Resurrect Lives with the power of the word of God.  Pastor Jackson shared what God had spoken to him with his wife Ywanda, and then with his Pastor at that time.  Ironically, God had already spoken to their Pastor concerning him and his wife Ywanda 1 month prior to this initial meeting regarding the assignment for their lives.  "Yes sir God instructed me to not influence your decision to obey his voice, and yes God most definitely has called you to this."  "God wanted you to specifically hear his voice directly". These were the words of inspiration given by our Pastor at that time. 


It was mid-February 2008, and we were officially released by our pastor with the blessing of God to begin this journey of Resurrecting Lives.  In March of 2008, we cast vision in our home with a core group of three people which quickly grew to seven.  In May 2008, Phase began with 'The R.O.M Church' securing a lease in Houston (Alief), Texas at 12222 Bissonnet, Suite W.  Upon the opening of this location, God spoke to Pastor Jackson to provide a training center for leaders where ordinary people could come and get "Resurrected with the power of the word of God!" and birth extraordinary leadership traits.


In February 2009, a year later, 'The R.O.M Church' purchased a 2005 Ford, 15 passenger van known as 'Wheels of Righteousness' with the title in hand to provide transportation to those who were without personal transportation of their own.  In April 2009, Phase 2 begins with 'The R.O.M Church' expanding and securing the second building to provide ministry to children ages 6 months to 12 years.  Pastor Jackson and his wife Ywanda continued to train leaders to embraced the vision of "Resurrecting lives with the power of the word of God".  God had more in store for this man and woman of God. 


In January 2012, God spoke to Pastor Jackson with a mandate to go back to his hometown county where he was banned from attending school after the 7th grade, and resurrect lives in the City of Sealy, Texas, with the assignment to unite the country folk with city folk, poor folk with rich folk and together produce productive citizens in Austin County before January 2013.  What an awesome assignment!   At the training center in Houston, Pastor Jackson, Co-Pastor Ywanda Jackson and a select and chosen group of leaders begin to pray and seek direction from God for this great assignment. On December 8, 2012, 'The R.O.M. Church' hosted its 1st 'Kingdom Kidz Christmas Hope Initiative' at the W. E. Hill Community Center, to provide toys and gift cards to children of Sealy, Texas whose families needed a bridge of hope this Christmas season.  On December 16, 2012, the new church was planted and launched in Sealy, Texas at the same location as well.  Pastor Jackson's understanding of "obedience is better than sacrifice" lead to "Resurrect Lives with the Power of the Word of God" was birthed in Sealy, Texas.  


On August 13, 2013, after seeking God in prayer, Pastor Jackson declared to the leaders, members, friends, and the partners of "The R.O.M. Church' that it was time to establish the Church's own identity in the City of Sealy by securing a worship center for the glory of God. Pastor Jackson declared that we would move from the Hill and go to the Mountain Top. Within the next 10 days, God begins to open major doors. We begin to negotiate a lease at the Sealy Mall that was 91,000 square feet of space on 37 acres of land.  In September 2013, God showed favor and 'The R.O.M. Church' secure a 3,600 square foot building to impact Austin County and surrounding areas. It took only 8 months of doing ministry in Sealy to witness this Mighty Move Of God! The number 8 represents a New Beginning. It is the only number that has no end, and we believe along with our Pastor that God will continue to show Himself mighty! On December 11, 2013, we were permitted and approved occupancy of our new worship center and had our first service on Sunday, December 15, 2013, at 4:00 p.m. We praise God for this milestone!

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