'The R.O.M. Church' is a place to serve and be served. God has a place and a purpose for every believer.  At 'R.O.M.' there are several places in which a person can serve using their God-given gifts, talents, and abilities. 
The purpose of the Helps Ministries is to serve and enhance the Christian experience of everyone who attends, whether they are a member or visitor.  Many believers, in a coordinated effort, come together to provide a multitude of services to the Body of Christ.  These services are a vital part of any ministry, as the ministry experience goes far beyond Sunday service.
The list of ministries below have been designed with you in mind, and every leader of The 'R.O.M.' church will serve you with the same spirit of excellence that is upon Pastor Jackson.
Follow up Care - Provides natural and spiritual help in the nurturing and development of the needs of the new members of 'R.O.M.'
Foundations - Responsible for facilitating and coordinating the 12 week series for building the spiritual foundation of new members.
Greeters "For Women Only" - Greets, directs, escorts, and provides information to the members and guests of each worship service and at other special events sponsored by 'R.O.M.'
Hospitality - Coordinates and provides refreshments for 'R.O.M.' functions.
Housekeeping - Responsible for the cleaning, and upkeep of the church offices and Sanctuary.
Information Systems - Responsible for training members of 'R.O.M.' in the use of computers and software.
Kingdom Kidz  & Kidz For Christ Nursery- Assist in teaching infants and children the Word of God with the same emphasis as the adults. 
Helping Hands - Responsible for the distribution of food and personal items to those in need.
General Volunteers - Assist 'R.O.M.' with clerical and administrative duties.
Marketing / Media & Publications - Responsible for the creation of brochures, flyers, book and tape covers, and special projects.
Marriage Ministry - This ministry is designed to impart the value of using godly principles to govern marriage relationships.
Membership Services - Responsible for providing information to guests as an extension of Pastor's welcome.
Men of Thunder Men's Fellowship - Creates a strong bond of brotherhood and unity among men to enhance their spiritual growth. This ministry is open to young men from ages 13 & up; members and non-members.
Mom's Ministry - To collaborate with parents in the development of our children from conception thru adulthood.  Sowing Godly instruction and concepts, expecting to reap kingdom results.
Music Ministry - Musicians who accompany the praise and worship team.
Prayer Ministry - Responsible for training believers in the fundamentals of intercessory prayer;  intercedes daily through established prayer groups for the Body of Christ, 'The R.O.M Church' and all of our entities.
Prison Ministry - Ministers to the needs of the incarcerated, ex-offenders, and provides support to their families.
Recreation Ministry - Develops, coordinates, and hosts all outdoor events for 'R.O.M.'
Security & Traffic Control - Directs traffic flow during 'R.O.M.' services and special events and provides security for 'R.O.M.' properties.
Single With A Testimony "SWAT"- Minister, educate, and guide unmarried Christians in the development and enhancement of their Christian lifestyle and personal relationship with God.
Transportation - Responsible for providing transportation for members and visitors when needed.
Ushers "For Men Only" - Responsible for keeping order and assisting with services and special events.
Wedding Ministry - Assist members with their wedding plans, activities, and ceremony.
Women of Warfare - Ministers to the special needs of women through meetings, conferences, and ministry activities.
Seasoned Saints - Ministers to the needs of all 'R.O.M.' senior saints over 55 years.
Youth Ministry - Ministers to the needs of the teens who attend 'R.O.M.' through special programs and activities.
Audio / Video - Responsible for all audio recordings, the PA, and projection.  Produces and edits the audio recordings of all services.  Responsible for directing, graphics, camera operations, stage-managing, cable pulling, video control, videotape operation and duplication.
Baptism Ministry - Prepare candidates for water baptism and teach the steps for the infilling of the Holy Spirit.
Car Ministry - Responsible for accepting donations of, and request for, automobiles, as well as provide service and repair work.
Comfort Ministry - Meets the spiritual and emotional needs of members who have experienced the loss of a loved one.
Dance Ministry - Skilled and anointed individuals minister periodically during worship services and special events at 'R.O.M.'
Drama Ministry - Dedicated to evangelizing the lost and edifying the Body of Christ through skits, dramatic productions, and videos.
Evangelism - Provides outreach to the lost in the surrounding communities, ministering of the gospel, and provide information to non-members.
Facility Maintenance - Responsible for the maintenance of all 'R.O.M.' buildings and property, as well as set up for all events.
Coming in 2018 and beyond
Adult Education - Empowerment ministry for success in GED (General Education Development) test preparation, Career/Skills Training workshops, Literacy, and several levels of computer technology classes.These classes will help individuals increase their skills and see themselves as God sees them, so they may find careers, jobs and/or businesses that match their gifts.
Addiction Recovery Ministry (A.R.M.) - To serve as a ministry to those experiencing challenges with any substance abuse and to serve as a support program to the family members or significant others of those who are experiencing such challenges.
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