Prayer Confession

City of Sealy and Austin County
Prayer Confession

Father, we come boldly to your throne of grace interceding for the City of Sealy. Thank you Father for sending the R.O.M. church here to resurrect the lives of every citizen with the power of the word of God. Thank you that your eyes are upon this city and your ears are open to our prayers. Father, thank you for preserving this city and bringing restoration and wholeness to our communities. We pray for a spiritual awakening in the hearts of all Austin County residents. Restore faith and vision in this generation and ignite in them a holy fire and Godly passion that will destroy every unclean influence. We decree that Jesus is Lord over Sealy! Every strategy that the enemy has devised against the people in this city is hindered and defeated.

In the name of Jesus we bind the strongmen that have held Sealy in bondage. We bind the spirits of greed, violence, murder, suicide and self destruction. We bind the spirits of hatred, abuse, anger and rage. We bind the spirits of division and racism, strife, mental oppression, depression and mind control, crime, vandalism, stealing, assault, and gang violence. We bind the spirits of lust, sexual immorality, perversion and homosexuality, rape, molestation and adultery. We bind the spirits of fornication, incest, pornography, prostitution, divorce and the destruction of marriages and families. We bind the spirits of fear, lying, idolatry, witchcraft, anti-Christ, deception, rejection, pride, jealousy, bitterness and rebellion. In the name of Jesus we bind the spirits behind organized crime, illegal firearm sales and usage, all black market activity, the illegal drug trade and usage, gambling and corruption.

We execute divine judgment against the forces of darkness and cancel every satanic operation and maneuver designed against the City of Sealy and its residents. We evict every demonic spirit from the neighborhoods in this city and decree that the works of the devil are destroyed. We plead the blood of Jesus over every household in this city and render every assignment of the enemy against our youth null, void, powerless and ineffective. We declare that heavenly angels have been given charge over this city to protect, guard and defend it in Jesus name.

We loose the blessing upon every individual, family, neighborhood, business and area of government in this city. We decree that every stronghold of the enemy has fallen and is no more. Father, send forth more laborers into this city preaching the gospel, bringing healing to the broken hearted, deliverance to the captives and liberty and restoration to them that are bruised. Father, send forth an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, wisdom, truth, love, joy, peace, righteousness, faith, holiness and your Word to saturate this entire city.

Father, thank you that Your Word will not return void, but shall accomplish everything it is sent out to perform in the City of Sealy, and release Resurrecting Power in every household in Austin County in Jesus name. Amen!

Emilio L. Post
July 4, 2017

Please remind me in prayer to overcome, resist or overcome a strong sodomite passion that from time to time comes to dominate me completely, to yield to masturbation, pornography, internet dating and, until November last year , To go to the cinema where I have consummated many perverse relationships. Please!

In Christ Jesus

zues .. Post
June 26, 2017

God be merciful to me the sinner! Please forgive me for viewing porn today. Please pray God shows me to not sin this sin by His kindness and does not chasten me for this. I was chastened by God not too long ago and I want to serve God so I may not be chastened again. Please I pray this decision to view porn does not destroy my marriage and that my wife Ariella is never unfaithful I pray for divine protection over her from other men. I pray that my marriage is both protected and lasts and never breaks now and forever . Give me a new heart and a sound mind. Please answer me God I need Your voice in Jesus name amen

Emilio L. Post
March 3, 2017

I am 65 years old, Christian from the 30, but without knowing how to overcome a condition perverse that I acquired from my teenage years when I had a homosexual relationship. Please, help me in prayer to overcome according to His promises or to die. Thank you.

In Christ Jesus

Yvonne H. Post
June 19, 2015

Please pray for my marriage of 27 years. My husband James has left me
an filed for divorce.

Pray that God touch his heart to drop this. I have stood 20 years for him.
Spirit of divorce to be broken.
God to put unconditional love in his heart for me. To desire marriage again.

Daniel C. Post
May 17, 2015

I have suffered tremendous demonic oppression from a (possessed?) neighbor woman who seems impossible to catch. She has sprayed every plant and tree on our property with round-up, to include my vegetable garden for the last eight years. Our dog was poisoned, car windows broken, water (or Something) in gas tanks, destroying engines, lug nuts loosened on my wife's and on my car, and many other things. She is out at night when I must sleep for my job. I cannot afford the level of surveillance needed to catch her. I have used trail cams, only to have them destroyed also. Please pray for immediate exposure of these criminals with either repentance or punishment resulting. I also am concerned for the safety of my wife and two daughters as I feel this woman is truly a psychopath. 
I am beginning to weaken in faith and star to doubt as I have prayed for so long for this to end.
Dan (in upstate, New York)

Anonymous Anonymous Post
September 10, 2014

Prayer Request :
persecution demonic satanic and dark things done againts pastor Thieringo must stop and mustn't have effect on him and must return againts those who do that . Fire of Holly Spirit must come on evil and bad things againts him. May Holly Spirit Jesus and God do justice to him .Protection , healing, wisdom, freedom, prosperity, miracles in finances, success and miracles in business, success and miracles in his life in Jesus Name .

God bless You.

Anonymous Anonymous Post
August 7, 2014

Prayer Request : 
Pastor Thieringo must Find good job quickly, Protection,prosperity,healing,wisdom,freedom,miracles in finances and business,he must find wife,success and miracles in his life in Jesus name .

Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 28, 2014

My friend R. and I desperately need prayer with fasting for spiritual healing: she's stripping online. 

I went on a 5 day water only fast for her in November, she did better for a while, but seems worse than before. She has professed Christ before, but I wonder at times if she is actually a Christian, or was just saying the words, while lacking the personal relationship with the Lord. She is completely enslaved by sexual sin, lust for money, power, and control; and love of pleasure. And she is full of hatred towards me since I have opposed her doing this. Honestly, I think she may need to learn the discipline of the Lord, and suffer leanness, so that she is able to more fully appreciate the blessings in her life; and be able to know that there is evidence she truly is a child of God, and is disciplined by the Father, and not illegitimate.

Please pray God binds up the enemy, the demons influencing/oppressing her, stops the blood money going to her, eradicates the enemy's lies from her life, especially the lyric lies of the perverse music she listens to and the tv and movies she watches, and ends her influence for evil over those who go to see her and theirs over her; that the Lord looses her tongue to speak the truth, to confess and repudiate her sin; gives her the heart, will, mind, soul, desire, every aspect of her entire being to love God, His word & church; gives her a love for sexual purity and holy living; He gives her a broken and contrite spirit which is submissive to the Lord and His will; that she forsakes all sin, that He cleanses every part of her being with the blood and the word, breaks the hatred, the rebellion, and sexual sin; and that He gives her a sexually pure and holy life, and that she feeds upon and studies the word each and every day. And also that I am focused, balanced, and where I should be in all of this, and able to pray with fasting as I should, and that she accepts the discipline of the Lord gracefully.

Please help us. I know God is sovereign and His plans cannot be thwarted. Please, pray. I've been waging this battle for over 3 years, and have lifted her name to the Father 1000s of times regarding all aspects of her life. This has taken a tremendous toll on me. God has already won the war, but I've lost some of the battles along the way, and it hurts.

Thank you and God bless you for faithfully bringing this before the Lord.

James 5:13-20 Matt 17:21

If you would share this need in an appropriate way with those who are faithful to pray, it would be greatly appreciated.

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